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Highway Sales has great deals and flexible financing on both new and used tractors. Which will you choose?

New Tractors
Volvo 630 - D11 Engine
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how efficient this truck really is.

Volvo 630

Volvo D11 Engine

Fully automatic 12-speed transmission

Super-single drive tires

Webasto heater


Own this new Volvo for less than a used truck!

Used Tractors
Starting at $995/month
Used Tractors
All with pre-2007 engines

Volvo 670

Model years: 2007

Volvo and Cummins 465/435 hp

Fuller 10-speed manual transmission

61" condo double bunk


Freightliner Columbia

Model years: 2007, 2006, 2005

MBE and Detroit 360/430 hp

Eaton 10-speed, Fuller Ultra- or Auto shift

70" condo double bunk


International 9400i

Model years: 2007, 2006, 2005

Cummins IS 435 hp

Fuller 10-speed transmission

72" high rise double bunk

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