Frequently asked Questions

Q. Is this a walk-away lease?
A.  No, this is not a walk-away lease. It is important to remember you will be signing documents to enter into a lease purchase program with Highway Sales, Inc. However, we know sometimes unexpected events happen which prevent you from continuing with your lease. When this occurs we will work with you to find a resolution that works. We inspect the truck and you will be responsible for the repairs and clean up expense which allows us to prepare the truck for the next lessee. Additional payments may be owed depending on the circumstances.
Q. Is a down payment required, and when do payments start?
A.  Yes, a down payment is required.  Your first monthly payment will be due one month from the date you sign the lease.
Q. How long is the lease?
A.  The length of our leases range depending on the age and mileage on a particular truck. 
Q. Is there a balloon payment?
A.  No, once you make your last payment, you own the truck.
Q. Do I own the truck during the lease?
A.  No, this is a lease purchase program. Ownership and title remain in the name of Highway Sales during the entire lease term. This is not a rent-to-own program that grants ownership in the truck before the end of the lease.
Q. How much are lease payments?
A. Lease payments and length of term vary based on the make, age, and mileage on the truck.
Q. Do I qualify for the lease program?
A. To qualify you need at least one year of over-the-road tractor trailer experience within the last two years. In addition, we're looking for safe, dependable drivers who take their career seriously. For example, if you have had more than five jobs in the past two years or you have a major issue on your driving record, we may want to hear more about your circumstances before proceeding. 
Q. Do I have to have good credit?
A.  We run a credit report, and require some kind of credit, but we're not expecting you to have perfect credit. In reality, we can work with candidates with rather poor credit histories. There are a couple of credit history items you need to make us aware of and these are child support, tax liens, and other garnishments and levies. We need to make sure any garnishments or levies will not affect your ability to meet the terms of the lease. 
Q. Do I need to work for a specific motor carrier?
A. No, you can use the truck to haul freight with a motor carrier that both of us agree on. For our part we will look for a variety of factors, including at a minimum the carrier's safety record and safety rating, the carrier's willingness and ability to collect and forward lease payments, and the carrier's willingness and ability to track the truck. 
Q. Do the trucks have APU's?
A.  No, the trucks available in the lease purchase program do not include auxiliary power units. All of our trucks do come with in-cab bunk heaters.
Q. Do the trucks have inverters?​
A. All of the trucks in our lease purchase program have inverters.
Q. What kind of trucks are available?
A. Our lease purchase truck inventory includes Kenworth T680s, Freightliner Cascadias and Volvos. Of course the make and model of trucks change regularly so availability may vary. 
Q. How many miles are on the pre-owned trucks?
A.  Of course this entirely depends upon the particular vehicle you are leasing. But no matter which truck you choose, you can count on getting a dependable vehicle that will help you earn a good living.