You've got a lot of experience on your side.

Highway sales has over 35 years of experience helping truck drivers succeed.

We know you need affordable trucks and a no-nonsense team that won't let you down. You’ve come to the right place for that!

We are headquartered in Eagan MN, just a 15 minute drive from either of the Twin Cities. Being located in the midst of one of the largest commercial trucking hubs in Minnesota for as long as we have been means we have established deep ties with the community, which can translate into great opportunities for our customers.

Our long-relationships with steady carriers not only enables us to offer Lease-Purchase options to their approved owner operators, but also affords us more widespread accessibility to stock and service our trucks all over the continental US. When you work with us, whether it is to purchase one or twenty trucks, we’ll be able to steer you to a location most convenient for you – we have inventory at the Dart Safety Lanes in Minnesota, Ohio, Georgia, and Illinois.

Lease Relationship Team

Linda Whitaker

Office Coordinator

Linda started at Highway Sales in June of 1984. At that time it was just her and her boss handling EVERY applicant from signing paperwork to handing them the keys! Now that our team has grown, she works with contractors to coordinate paying off their tractors. She certainly takes pleasure in giving them the clear title they’ve worked so hard to pay for. Over the years her job duties have changed somewhat but she’s always on board with our goal – to see each and every contractor succeed in owning their truck!

Sales Team

Kate Ramswick

Outside Sales Truck Coordinator

Kate joined the Highway Sales team in Fall 2019. While she’s new to the trucking industry, she has experience in connecting people to the resources they need. She loves working with the trucking community and looks forward to connecting with you!

For Current Lessees

If you are currently leasing your truck through the Highway Sales Lease-Purchase program and contracted with Dart, then you were assigned a representative based on your last name.

To reach your LRR, call 651-688-2020 and their extension. See the listings below.

LRR Name Extension Email Alpha Group (By Last Name or Job Title)
Bonnie Marshall 1326 A thru E & Mainstream
Chris Gummeson 1637 F thru M
Elizabeth Seifert 1324 N thru Z
Linda Whitaker 1257 Office Coordinator

”I'm on my third lease-purchase now and
if you can handle running your own
business, then there is only upside to it and the team at Highway is as good as they get to work with.“